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"This program really works. I have recommended your product to many of my family and friends and they all say the same thing " Steve N
Steve N

"WOW !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! What a difference. My PC seems like it is supercharged now. I will recommend your product to my family and friends. Great software !!!"
Larry Jacobs

"I am a newly registered customer of PC Cleaner Pro. Just a word to say thank you for your excellent 'PC Repair Tool' programme (Aussie spelling!)"
Tyrone Anderson

"PC Cleaner Pro is a great product, on our old machine it took around 10 - 12 minutes to restart the machine, after running PC Cleaner Pro it does it in 3-4 minutes - almost as fast as when new, what a terrific product you people have, it does everything as promised."
Sara H
Fix Errors and Boost Your PC !

You need to clean  and repair Repair your Windows Registry that are a common cause of Windows crashes and error messages. PC Cleaner Pro is the recommended tool to do the job...
Windows registry errors are the leading cause for problems. It is highly recommended that you download PC Cleaner Pro to diagnose and fix the problem. Not repairing this kind of errors can lead to system crashes, blue screens, and hardware failure.

To scan, diagnose and repair your computer, it is highly recommend that you download and run PC Cleaner Pro. This tool is designed to diagnose and repair errors that may be causing your computer to malfunction.  Don't waste any more time, use the PC Cleaner Pro tool and your computer will be like brand new in less than 2 minutes.

Download PC Cleaner Pro 2013
*File size:4.59 MB, Download time: < 1min (DSL/Cable)
  • Easily PC Errors
  • Optimize and Increase PC Performance (up to 150%)
  • Protect Your Privacy and Files while Online.
  • Boot Up and Shut Down Faster.
  • Remove and Prevent most Crashes.
  • Eliminate Computer Slowdowns.
  • Malware Protection.
  • Organize Windows Startup Items!

More Features of PC Cleaner Pro 2013
Fix Tour PC Errors
PC Cleaner Pro will safely scan your Windows registry and finds incorrect or obsolete information. By fixing this missing information in your Windows registry, your system will run faster and error free.
Increase your PC,s Performance
PC optimization is the quickest way to adjust your system settings at once. PC Cleaner will analyze your system & adjust your PC to function at its maximum potential performance.
Boost your PC,s Speed
PC Cleaner will tweak your complete system to help boost your PC speed and overall system performance. You could have faster downloads, uploads, web surfing and more.
Certified Virus + Spyware Protection
Certified Antivirus Pro will scan your complete system for malicious threats including: viruses, spyware,. rogue programs, trojans, adware, rootkit, dialers, worms, parasites and other potentially harmful programs that may be installed on your computer.
Prevent Crashes and Freezes
PC Cleaner will scan and check for windows vulnerablities within Windows system. Windows Update is a service provided by Microsoft. Security updates or critical updates protect against vulnerabilities to malware and security exploits.
Clean Your System
In using a computer from day to day you're going to accumulate system clutter. You can significantly increase your PC performance & stability by removing these files.